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Features & Benefits

  • FixZit is the beauty secret used by top professional makeup artists and elite actors and actresses.
  • Immediately starts to work as you apply it with your fingertip or cotton swab.
  • FixZit is so powerful, it even works on deep, painful acne cysts.
  • Let FixZit work it’s magic for a few minutes, then simply apply your regular makeup to cover. Voila!
  • No need to spend a long time in front of the mirror caking on extra layers, just apply, cover and go!

Whether you’re headed out to school, work, a date or even just a day at home, you deserve to look and feel your best.


FixZit removes the redness and restores your confidence in 5 minutes. You’ll look and feel better immediately…guaranteed!

Instant Results - See The Difference!

I thought my pimple days were over, but I seemed to get more pimples after my child. FixZit is easy to apply and works fast….I always have a jar with me.

Rachael M.

On the day of my big interview, I woke up with a big zit on my forehead. Fortunately, a friend gave me some of her FixZit. In just 5 minutes the ugly red zit had almost completely disappeared! My makeup hid the rest. I didn’t even think about it during the interview. This stuff was a lifesaver!

Brittany L.

I got three pimples the day of the prom…I guess I was stressed out. I tried FixZit, and I was able to cover them within minutes. My boyfriend didn’t even notice. Awesome!.

Stacy K.

Gentle, Fast-Acting and Long-Lasting

Using the same science that eye drops use to reduce red eyes, FixZit’s “vasoconstrictors” gently and safely shrink the inflamed blood vessels. It’s a topical cosmetic treatment that works in minutes. Whether you have a scene to shoot, an important interview a date or just want to look your best, FixZit removes the raw, ugly swelling for up to 12 hours

Take back control over your self-confidence and never worry about zits again!

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